Closed due to COVID19

Update: March 19, 2020

Due to current events and the stay at home order, Mellow Me Out Day Spa is closed until further notice.

As a small business we graciously ask for your continued support so we can support our out of work staff as much as possible. “Operation Gratitude” Gift Card purchases will be going 100% to payroll and 0% to overhead cost or expenses.

Please check out our shop for more details, without your support we would not of survived 20 years of business, and with your support we hope to survive 20 more!

Much love, health, sanity, and overall well being,

Angelina Alvarez

March 02, 2020

Dear Clients,

As a Day Spa, we operate at a very strict protocol of hygiene and cleanliness every day, to protect our valued clients and employees.

We use Sani-Quats, a medical grade disinfectant, on all tools, sandals, rocks, and bowls, after each use and have hand sanitizer available to all employees, in every service room. Robes, gowns, sheets and towels are washed in hot water with appropriate detergent and bleach, and are never reused between clients or between employees.    

Extra measures we will be enforcing are hourly wipe downs with disinfectant of our countertops, door handles, faucet handles, toilet handles and payment stations.  Hand sanitizer is available at the front desk, and is recommended to be used at your check in and after payment. Though hand sanitizer is helpful, the most effective way to protect yourself is to wash your hands, so all soap stocked is being switched to antimicrobial.  If you are immunosuppressed or a high-risk individual, you can inform the front desk if you would like your therapist to wear a protective mask during your services for additional prevention.

Most importantly, stay hydrated, stay Mellow, and stay aware.  If you aren’t feeling great, be patient with your body, rest and recover.

Mellow Me Out strives to offer you a safe, comforting environment for relaxation, especially during high stress times.

If you have any other concerns or questions, please email and our management team will get back to you, via email, within three business days.

Graciously yours,

The Alvarez Family & Mellow Me Out Team